Wineries and Brewery Tours

winery and brewery tours mornington peninsula

Wineries and breweries in the Mornington Peninsula are renowned for offering some of the best wine and beer tours in the Washington DC metro area. If you’re looking for a relaxing day or weekend getaway, then one of these great day trips are perfect for you. You’ll be able to visit a number of wineries in the area, including ones like Peak Craft, Best Wines, Broken Bow, and others.


There are also many festivals held yearly in the area. One of these is the Kalahari Classic, which runs from June through August. Another great festival that features wines and beers is the Kalahari Extreme Summer Fest. Both of these festivals are held annually, so you can expect plenty of variety and a chance to experience new wines and beers as well. The wineries themselves host many of these events, and along with food, they offer guided tours of their vineyards and breweries.


While there are a number of wineries in the area, the wineries themselves tend to specialize more in certain styles of wine rather than offering a full range. For example, some of the wineries in the Mornington Peninsula specialize in Chardonnay, while others in the area focus on making other, less popular wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon. No matter what type of wine you prefer, you should definitely be able to find a winery in the Mornington Peninsula that offers it.