Why You Should Rent Out a Super 8

super 8

Super 8 is a term used to describe a large multi storey house, usually in Florida that has at least eight floors. The term was probably first used in the 1920s and has now become a generic name for any kind of high rise apartment or condominium building. It can take the form of a simple flat or a multi storey villa or townhouse with many units. Although they are available all over the world, the most common ones are located in places like Florida, Hawaii and Chicago. They have traditionally been used for vacation homes and retirement homes but now are suitable for almost any purpose.


When renting out a Super 8, it is advisable to get the opinion of an experienced real estate agent who has knowledge about the area. They will be able to advise on which model is best suited for your requirements. Some features to consider include the amount of open space available, whether there are facilities such as a gym or swimming pool and whether the property is in a good part of the city or not. You should also find out whether you require any extra features such as smoke alarms, security gates, fire escapes and /or back up generators.


There are many advantages of renting out a Super 8 rather than buying, which include being able to move it into a new location without too much difficulty and often paying considerably less than you would for a similar vacation home. In addition it is more cost effective than renting out a hotel room for a week, especially when you factor in cleaning costs. A hotel room, even a very inexpensive one, can easily top $500 per week.