VA Jobs Transitioning Military Spouses To Start a New Career

There are lots of open job openings at the Department of Veterans Affairs, from public relations to claims processing to nearly every area found in the healthcare profession (hospitals, doctors, pharmacists, etc.). So, how do you locate VA jobs for you? There are many resources to assist you in your quest, but the three most popular sites are the official website, USAJobs, and FedsHireVETS. At the US Veterans Affairs website, you will be able to find open job listings with links to the specific department in which you wish to work. If you know a specific area of medicine or if you know a specific hospital or office where you wish to work, click on that link, otherwise use the general links.

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You will also find jobs in the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard on this site. Search by name or town to narrow down your results to federal jobs in your area. When you’re looking specifically for a position in the Navy, for example, you can search by town or state. The list is very specific because the services your coworkers provide could be classified under different branches: air force, Army, Marines, Coast Guard, or Navy.

It’s important to note that being a federal employee doesn’t mean you aren’t also a veteran. Veterans are welcome to apply for any position at any time. Many active duty, retired military spouses who were medically discharged as a result of a service commitment are often eligible for federal jobs, and there are always openings for jobs available with the Coast Guard, Navy, Marines, or Air Force in your area. In fact, the largest recruiting agency for the United States military is the Veterans Recruitment Agency, or the VAA, which is run for the benefit of veterans in their time of need. The VAA is not just for transitioning military spouses; they also handle employment opportunities for federal civil workers, consultants, contract workers, and technology specialists.

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